Welcome to Porite Clinical Laboratory, Inc., a full service independent clinical laboratory.
Porite Clinical Lab provides phlebotomy and laboratory testing for:
  • Patients who visit our patient service center
  • Home bound patients
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Adult day care centers
  • Community and corporate health fairs
  • Physicians
  • Clinics
  • Home health care agencies
  • Community bases health care facilities
  • Drug and alcohol treatment programs
  • Pain management doctors and clinics
  • Clinical trials
Lab Services:
  • House calls - For all
  • Same day/Next day test results
  • Laboratory courier services
  • Phlebotomy services
  • Supplies for specimen collection and transport to the laboratory
  • Multiple reporting options:
    • Driver delivery
    • Fax
    • Laser printer
    • Internet/Email
  • Custom lab requisition forms
  • Client service department available 24/7
  • Conveniently located patient service center
  • Stat testing 
  • Critical abnormal/panic result call back and fax
  • A Porite Laboratory professional to personally service your account

Comprehensive Blood Profile Clinic at the Montclair
Municipal Building, Saturday, October 21st, Montclair,
The clinic will be held from 8AM-10:30 AM in the municipal
building. Includes a CBC plus heart tests, liver tests, kidney tests,
cholesterol levels - HDL and LDL levels, and more.
accepted. Please call 973-509- 4969 to register. Montclair Municipal
Building Council Chambers, 205 Claremont Avenue, Montclair.

Please pardon our Lab's appearance as we are currently undergoing building construction in order to modernize our facility and update to state of the art technology.  Our looks may change but our friendly, family service will remain.

Eat Right for Your Blood Type 

Encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on their blood type.

Peter J. D'Adamo, ND, the author of Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight, believes blood types affect the digestive system and that some foods good for people of one type are "dangerous" for another. To learn more click here.

Do you know if you are type A, B, AB, or O?  
Come in today and find out! 
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